Happy Birthday, Jack!


It’s all too easy in today’s world to find ourselves paying so much attention to and worrying about all of the things that “have to get done”. We tend to think that we have to do these things first before doing the “fun” things. How many times do we catch ourselves saying, “I’ll do that Continue Reading

Leading by example, flailing by nature, laughing all the way


Leading by example, flailing by nature, laughing all the way My first trip down Little Falls By: Steve Schultz As all of you know, Jack loved a story. I know that he took a certain pride in telling this one. This event is a good one to start with as any, given the setting is Continue Reading

9/11 Memorial: Remembrance, Reflection, and Nature’s Healing Power


While yesterday’s anniversary marked the 13th year since the attacks of 9/11, the memory is still deeply reverberates throughout our nation and healing still remains a long journey. However, it is in the beautiful symbols of remembrance like the 9/11 memorial in NYC that we may seek a sense of peace. Also known as “Reflecting Continue Reading

Health Benefits of Kids Getting Outdoors

Whole Child: Developing Mind, Body, and Spirit through Outdoor Play

Wondering why it is so important to get kids OUTSIDE? Check out the National Wildlife Federation’s online article on the “Health Benefits” of kids getting in the outdoors where studies show how outdoor play contributes to a healthy development of mind, body, and spirit! Click here to read more!

Have You Found Your Fish Face?


The walls in my stairwell at home are covered with a photo collage of my husband with some of the best fish he ever caught.  The photos cover over a 30-year span and represent locations all over the world.  However, in every single photo, Jack is wearing the very same enormous smile, ecstatic and completely Continue Reading